Merchant FAQ

Here are a few Frequently-Asked Questions & Answers for Merchants:

Q: What happens if I make a mistake? What if I scan the wrong Points Card?

A: Go ahead and scan the correct card, and then let us know what happened via email, text or voicemail to or 650-43-43-BUY (434-3289).

Q: Do I need a separate email address for BuyCoastal?

A: Yes. The emails will be a transaction log for your BuyCoastal account and you want them in a separate account for security and privacy.

Q: My customers are concerned about their privacy. What happens to their personal information?

A: You, the Merchant, get an email from the BuyCoastal System for every Earn Points and Redeem Points transaction. Each email will have the User’s name and email address (which each User gives at Registration).  Your conditions of participation in BuyCoastal require you to:

  1. Not sell or give lists of customer emails to third parties, partners or suppliers.
  2. Limit the amount of email that you send to customers acquired through BuyCoastal.
  3. Use a service like ConstantComment or MailChimp that makes it easy for recipients to Unsubscribe.

BuyCoastal does not share any identities, registration information, location, or transaction data with third parties.

Q: Can I put a limit on the number of Points Earned per day?

A: Yes.  But we recommend keeping the limits off for now. If a customer Earns Points, and has enough to Redeem after the transaction, you’ll probably want them to use their reward right then & there.