BuyCoastal Rewards for Merchants

BuyCoastal is a Customer Loyalty Program for local businesses here on the Coastside, provided by the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce & Visitors’ Bureau and Phondini Partners, with the financial assistance of the City of Half Moon Bay. BuyCoastal was devised as a simple, inexpensive way to encourage both locals and visitors to come back for your products or services, either in your store or online.


When customers come in and make qualifying purchases, you present a BuyCoastal Points Card that looks like this:

Your customers will need to have the iCoastside mobile app on their smartphone or tablet; they click on BuyCoastal, and find your business. Then, they just click on Earn Points, scan your Points Card, and they earn their points right there.

The BuyCoastal system keeps track of their points, and automatically sends you email whenever a customer Earns or Redeems points.

Your business doesn’t need a smartphone or tablet, or any equipment. We provide instruction sheets and the BuyCoastal Points Cards.


A BuyCoastal subscription is $30 per month (just a dollar a day), with a 3-month minimum, or $300 per year, paid in advance.

Easy Setup

The setup is easy. For a limited time only, the one-time setup fee is discounted from $199 to $99 to get you started.

Name: your business name

Address: your business address

Correspondence Email: your regular email address

BuyCoastal Email: a separate email address for BuyCoastal system messages is required for security and privacy.

Qualifying Purchases: You decide what purchases qualify to earn BuyCoastal points. For example, you may choose to have customers earn Points for purchases exceeding $10, $25, $50, & $100. Points are earned at a rate of 10 points per dollar.

Reward Levels: For example, a 10% discount or $5 gift card on next purchase for 2500 points. You can set this to any reward of your choosing, or any point total.

Customer Information

When customers Earn Points or Redeem Points, you receive an email with their name, email address, and how many points they earned on your BuyCoastal Email account.

It’s a Great Deal!

$30 a month is far less than any other competitive loyalty or coupon program.

Check out Frequently Asked Questions and the Merchant Agreement.